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Why choose youRmore?

  • Why choose youRmore?
    Whether you want to begin your healing journey, accomplish your goal, or find your purpose, you will always receive the highest quality of professional services .
  • What does Kristina specialize in?
    Kristina, specializes in helping people identify the sources of their anxiety/ depression and to come up with a custom action plan. youRmore also specializes in Inter-generational trauma for American America, LGBTQ ,youth services, and providing life coaching services for individuals as young as 15 . Kristina also specilizes in CBT and DBT models .
  • What is Inter-generational Trauma
    It is trauma that gets passed down from those who directly experienced an incident to subsequent generations. Intergenerational trauma could begin with a traumatic event that affeced an individual, multiple family members, or a larger community.
  • How do you help people deal with Anxiety?
    I use a simplified approach that allows the client to feel empowered and begin to look at the causes of their anxiety in a different ways.
  • Do you have an office?
    Right now, all services are provided via telehealth or can be done in your home if needed.
  • How much do you charge for services?
    All service prices vary ,it best to sign up for a free consultation call and discuss pricing .
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