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Mission: youRmore is dedicated to removing stigmas around metal health by introducing a new approach to providing  and receiving services 
Vision:  Strengthen relationships through empowerment, conversation, and healing 

Kristina Coleman LMSW,MPA

I was  born In Yonkers, New York  and  always had a passion for helping others . I always had a dream of being a teacher but God had other plans for me and led me down the path of helping people heal mentally. I believe my mission while on earth is to help people heal mentally and emotionally by empowering  and equipping them with the tools they need to take back control over their lives .

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I realized and became passionate about taking the journey to help  communities heal by breaking silences  and  giving them a voice to  address the intergenerational trauma that has controlled their lives for so long. youRmore was born out love and a desire for the  African American community to have access to mental health services that would  address the trauma that has been inherited and passed down  for generation to generation. 


I developed and use an Inter-generational trauma approach when working with clients  who want to begin their healing journey. I am dedicated to finding new innovative ways to provide mental health services and eliminate the taboo stigmas  that interfere with people getting the help they need. 


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